by Bob Berzins

Snared exposes the pressures of rural life and tackles the brutal reality of countryside crime.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of England’s moorland, Snared dramatically lifts the lid on a spectrum of interconnected illegal activities, ranging from raptor persecution to dog fighting and money laundering. This is the story behind the facade of heather-filled moors and skies full of red grouse. 

Driven by the wealthy and privileged, rural families are broken and discarded, as activists unravel their secret world. Layers of restraint are stripped away until a man who holds life and death in his fingers has nothing left to lose. 

As events build to a breathtaking climax, who will survive – and will justice ever be served?

With a plot to appeal to the social media generation, Snared comes at a critical time for the English countryside, with much native wildlife under threat, and the far-reaching effects of the climate emergency keenly felt.

“I’ve set out to write a book that will keep you turning the pages and leave you wanting to find out more,” explains Bob Berzins. “The Pennine Uplands have brought me a profound sense of oneness with nature – something that should be available to everyone. But wildlife and landscapes have disappeared and we accept this as normal. This is a story that needs to be told now, before this precious environment is lost forever.”

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